How To Live A Happy Life From Amish People

Happiness is a relative term, which means what constitutes happiness for one person may not be necessarily the same for others. However, we can all agree that this emotion is a result of positive circumstances and the situation we encounter in our day-to-day lives. Some people equate it with contentment, cheeriness, bliss, euphoria and feeling blessed. Unfortunately, for some people, experiencing happiness can be a struggle, and it is the main reason why several of them end up suffering from anxiety or disorder.


If you feel that you have been missing a lot of happiness in your life, then maybe it is time to consider doing things that can bring in more good vibes to your daily life. In this article, we are going to give you with a list of strategies that Amish people use to bring in joy and cheerfulness not only to their selves but also to those surrounding them. Here are some of the great tips and tricks that you need to remember:




Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


Did you know that Amish people have this culture of minding their own business instead of meddling with others? They do not look at their neighbors and take notice of what is wrong with them. Instead, they treat everyone fairly and nicely. They do not waste compare themselves with others because they know that people have different timelines. You need to have this kind of mindset too.


Stop checking up on your friends or family members to see what their achievements are and try to compare them with yours. Instead, focus on achieving your goals and objectives. Focus on your journey to success. Keep in mind that the more you compare yourselves to others, the more anxious you get. Take note that it can be frustrating to realize that others may be doing well to the point that you would lose hope to fight for your dreams.


Respect Your Elders At All Times


Amish people believe that disrespecting the elders can bring in bad luck for years in their lives. This is why you can see them show great respect not only the elders in their family or the community where they belong but also everyone around them. Aside from showing respect, they also make an effort to be compassionate in dealing with others. For them, the best way to get a good life is to be kind to one another.




At this point, you are probably wondering how the act of kindness to others, particularly the elders, can contribute to your happiness. Well, there is only one reason, and that is doing nice to others can help you feel good about yourself. You will be surprised with how liberating it feels to show great deeds to everyone around you. This feeling eventually transforms into extreme happiness. As such, it is also best if you will make an effort to be respectful and friendly to everyone.


Be Close To Your Family


Another thing that Amish people value is maintaining close-knit family ties. They consider promoting family values are as top priorities at all times. For them, it is essential for family members to spend quality time together. Even if they are busy at work or have a hectic schedule, they always see to it that they still see their families. At the same time, they also consider birthdays and anniversaries as highly regarded events or special moments.


Being nice to your family and giving them your time are two effective ways of adding happiness in your life. Surrounding yourself with the ones who love you and those you love in return is a guaranteed way of feeling high. It is such a relief to have family members who will always be there by your side no matter what happens. They are the ones who will continue to show light to your way, especially in times of adversities or difficulties. As such, be sure to make your loved ones know how much you love them.




Being happy may not be an easy thing to do, but you need to make an effort to give it to yourself. Happiness does not happen overnight. You need to work hard for it.



Anxiety 101: What People Can Learn From The Simplistic Life That Amish Folks Lead


People tend to show signs of anxiety whenever something unexpected comes and affects their regular way of living. When a colleague shows up with a more luxurious car or bag than you one day, for instance, you might have trouble concentrating at work while thinking about it. If you receive news about your contract termination,  your heart might start beating fast, and you feel restless for days.

The thing is, these are situations that the Amish folks rarely or never find themselves in. Life is practically simple in every community that houses them, in the sense that everyone is supposed to wear the same types of clothes and follow the same religion. No one develops a deep passion for anything Hollywood and latest gadgets either since TV, and other forms of technology are not commonly seen there. Furthermore, everyone has similar sources of living; that’s why there is no discrimination taking place.

If you want to get over your anxiety, you may look into the simple life that the Amish people lead and learn the following.


Realize That It’s Okay Not To Have The Most Expensive Things

The Amish are known for living a frugal life. They make, raise, or grow whatever they can to prevent needing to buy them. While there may be a store or a bakery in the community, the owners tend to sell the items at affordable rates. Every man, woman, or child follows the same dress code as well that their ancestors had, and so they do not exactly care about high-end shoes, bags, or makeup. And, still, these people manage to stay happy.

What the Amish can teach you is that “less is more.” Who cares if your colleague wears Prada or Gucci, while you can merely pay for H&M or Forever21? No one. Will it harm your life if your frenemy drives a Lamborghini, which is a dozen times more expensive than your Toyota? Nope. Hence, you ought to avoid feeling envious and show contentment towards what you have.


Connect With The People Who Love You

There are ideally no fences that isolate the Amish folks, but it is against their tradition to fraternize with individuals who live outside of their community. The only time it happens is when the teenagers reach the Rumspringa phase in which they can do anything they want out there. However, once it’s over, and these kids decide to be Amish again, they will disconnect from the rest of the world again.

As lonely as it may sound, this rule is quite refreshing, frankly speaking. It entails that the Amish do not have to deal with neighbors or anyone else with opposing beliefs. They have no social media account or TV to turn to; that’s why there are zero comments or news reports to upset them. More than that, they can appreciate the presence of their loved ones.

Isn’t that something that we tend to overlook when gadgets and fun friends are there to distract us?


Be Self-Sufficient

Given the fact that Amish people prefer to keep to themselves, they have undoubtedly mastered the art of being self-sufficient. If they want meat on the table, it seems natural for them to hunt or raise animals. They can also grow their fruits and vegetables, as well as sew clothes and create toys for the kids.

Although there is likely no need for you to do all of that when you live in the city, it won’t hurt to adopt their self-sufficiency. You may plant herbs at home, for instance, so that you won’t have to buy them from the supermarket. It is not too late to learn sewing either or doing other things that you used to pay people to do. Not only will you feel a sense of fulfillment in the end, but you also find an activity that can keep your stress at bay.

Final Thoughts

It is quite impossible to try to live in the Amish community and immerse yourself in their culture now. That is especially true if you come to a location where non-Amish folks are allowed to visit. Despite that, you can follow their example and remember the ideas mentioned above to avoid having anxiety over everything.

Good luck!

Guide To Veganism For Amish People


There are many things to know and take into consideration when it comes to becoming a vegan. First of all, you have to determine the primary goals why you are going to shift to veganism. Take note that it is essential on your part to be knowledgeable about veganism so that you will not have a hard time going through the necessary changes in your diet. Second, it is also imperative to learn the proper ways on how to live a vegan life. Third, you need to adjust a lot of things in your life, particularly on how you enjoy food with friends and family:

Keep in mind that there exist rules to follow to ensure that you will get the best out of it. Here is a list of the things that you need to learn about veganism. Make sure to familiarize them:

It Is An Animal-Free Diet

The most basic information that you need to know is that veganism requires you to avoid meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. These are the top food choices that you must start to eliminate in your regular diet. Remember that the vegans only consume foods that are taken out of plants. It is the reason why some people also refer to it as the “plant-based” diet. As such, once you commit to going vegan, be prepared to follow an animal-free diet. You can enjoy any of these food choices animal-free food staples: whole grains, nuts, beans, vegetables, and fruits.

The Need For Vitamin B12

The body needs vitamins and nutrients to sustain it, one of which is Vitamin B12. This vitamin plays a vital role in the maintenance of the nerve cells as well as in facilitating cell division. Vitamin 12 is commonly found in animal foods or by-products and not from plant foods. As such, if you are not eating chicken, beef or fish, then there is a high chance that you will experience vitamin B12 deficiency. For this reason, it is highly recommended for vegans to find supplements. The best thing to do is to check with your dietician before you shift to veganism.


The Shift Is Not Going To Be Easy

Do not pressure yourself into making the transition as soon as possible. It is entirely okay to take your time before you become a vegan. Take all the time you need to learn the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to veganism. Research more about this particular diet so that you will get an idea on what to expect out from it. As already mentioned above, you have to book an appointment with a dietician or nutritionist who can help you in shifting to a plant-based diet.

Medical Checkup Is Necessary

As already mentioned above, following a plant-based diet is not going to become successful overnight. There will be times when you would feel the cravings for meat. During these days, the best thing to do is to drink lots of water at all times. Failure to do this can lead to some serious complications for your health. Hence, many experts recommend it if you would consult with a medical doctor first before trying any fad diet. Your medical history is essential.

It Is Best If Paired With Exercise

Each person has her reason for choosing veganism as a lifestyle. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you do the diet in the right way. As much as possible, incorporate physical activities in your day-to-day life. Do not just sit in the corner and wait for your excess fats to be gone. Sometimes, it takes running and exercise to ensure that you can get the results that you have always wanted. Remember that exercise can supply more energy to your body. Aside from this, it can also convert a bad mood is not a good one.

Keep A Journal

Starting veganism can be challenging on your part, especially if you have a lot of things going on in your life. Everything can be overwhelming, which can make the situation worse. If you want to keep track of your progress, the smart thing to do is to create a fitness journal. All you need is a simple notebook where you can jot down any thoughts at any particular time of the day. Be realistic with everything that you will put in the journal.



You will be surprised with how veganism can bring so many positive changes in your life. You need to commit yourself into following this diet strictly to ensure that nothing will go wrong. Do not be hesitant to ask advice from people who follow this kind of food. It is best if you will learn from those who have experience regarding this matter. If possible, you must also get more information about veganism by checking online articles or books.

The Amish On Death And Dying


Most people are curious about the Amish because their way of living is so different than theirs. Just how different is their lifestyle to ours when it comes to the living? What about death and dying? Have you experienced attending an Amish funeral? If not, let us examine how their customs and traditions are in this aspect.

The funeral rituals that take place for the immediate family members and the community are simple and organized. Some of the customs followed have been around for over a hundred years. Apparently, some of these customs are unusual for us, while the others are in a way relatable to other religions.

The Amish believe that when someone dies, they will no longer be here on earth. They have gone to the afterlife with God. Thus, the funeral will be centered on praises for God instead of focusing on the dead person.


Burial In The Community

When an Amish community member dies, he is brought to his grave three days after his death. Embalming is just an option, that is only if the state they are in requires it. If not, then the community members are responsible for taking care of the body – the preparations, building the coffin, digging the grave, accompanying the body while the grave is dug, and the food preparations.


Dressing The Dead

After the body has been washed, the family members make the dress for the dead person. The male should wear all whites – shirt, vest, and pants, and the female in a long white dress, an apron, and a cap. The apron and cap, if possible, should be the ones the female wore during her wedding. Females should look simple, thus they require no makeup on them.


Building The Coffin

The Amish community personally builds the coffin, which simply looks like a box. It is constructed without handles outside and no padding inside. All Amish people are placed in a local Amish cemetery.


Viewing The Dead

The viewing of the dead, unlike the usual custom where we can view our loved ones as many times as we like, is only allowed on three separate circumstances. The first time is when the body is in a particular space in the house and when the coffin is open. This can only happen if the room has been clean and all home décor and furniture are taken away. The second viewing occurs during the funeral itself. Finally, family and community members can last view the dead at the graveside, before it is buried.


The Funeral Service

The dead are buried three days after his death, as Amish custom suggests that it takes three days to finish digging a grave. As for the funeral service, it shall be attended by friends and family and everyone should wear black to signify mourning. Immediate family members shall wear black for the whole year. It is important that loved ones mourn privately and show no grief or other emotions.

As mentioned earlier, the service will not center on the dead but only praises to God, and the dead person shall be shown respect only in terms of mentioning his or her name, birth date, and date of death. No eulogies shall be given for them.


Food For The Funeral


Funeral food is no other than what the Amish are used to – local Amish food. This can include potato pie, apple pie or cinnamon bread. The family is required to visit the dead every Sunday for the whole year.


Did you like reading this article? I hope it perked your interest more than it did before. Perhaps we can talk about come Amish recipes in my next blog.



Things That The Amish Do For Fun

The traditions existing within the Amish people serve as a breath of fresh air in this stuffy world once you know them. Some communities veto motorized vehicles, to the point that they rely on horse-drawn buggies for transportation. Others do not believe in the benefits of using electricity and technology, so you’re lucky if you find a landline phone or electric-powered appliance in their homes.

Moreover, it is essential for all – especially for the girls – to be in their traditional Amish clothes often.


Looking at this way of life in this light, you might think that they are boring. Social media users are nowhere to be found in many Amish communities, after all. Everyone has to get a physical job after reaching a certain age because there is no room for office or deskwork here. Nevertheless, their limited access to technological advancements allows the Amish to enjoy activities that do not involve consoles and other gadgets.

Check out the things that the Amish like doing for fun.

  1. Bird Watching

One of their hobbies is bird watching. It is an activity that plenty of families are undoubtedly severe about, seeing that they even created the Amish Birding Symposium in Ohio. The day-long event occurs in March, and all the attendees can expect to have Amish food, meet public speakers, and go on a field trip and watch winter water birds.

Besides, they do not mess around with visual tools. The expensive telescopes and binoculars that they bring to the fields help them recognize various species easily. The stats they keep are useful for local authorities too because they sometimes find it difficult to estimate the population of a particular bird species.

  1. Hunting

Another outdoor activity that the Amish people love is hunting animals. It is a typical pastime for the men in the community, primarily when their location is close to the mountains where wild games live. These guys usually carry a bow and arrow or a gun when on the hunt.


Now, you might say, “Wait a minute. If the Amish are known for avoiding violence, how can they like hunting down animals?” Well, frankly speaking, not all Amish communities accept this sport. The ones who participate in it do so mainly to provide organic meat at their dining tables. The other hunters may preserve the outer layering of their game, meanwhile, so that a taxidermist can restore the animal.

  1. Fishing

In communities where bodies of water are nearby, fishing is the most enjoyable hobby. While hunting is technically a gender-specific sport, the latter is more of an activity for all age groups.

When the weather allows, families or groups of friends often gather in lakes and wait for the fish to bite their lure. In other occasions, these folks may take a small boat out for a ride and go fishing while on the water. Whatever they catch becomes food, so the more they get, the better.

  1. Traveling     

Since the Amish remain as a small faction, it is not surprising if everyone knows each other. They might even have relatives in other communities whom they love to meet often. Thus, whether there is something to celebrate or talk seriously about, families travel in the evening or on Sundays to be with their loved ones.

Despite that, remember that smartphones or landlines are not standardly used in many Amish communities. When a group visits a family, they typically come without a prior announcement. Because of that, it seems customary for different families to prepare snacks, coffee or dinner for guests even though they are unsure if they will get visited or not.

Isn’t the simple life of the Amish people so refreshing? They only need to be with nature to have fun. They do not have to have the latest gadgets to feel like they are getting somewhere in life. Hopefully, the city slickers can adopt their way of life eventually.


How The Amish Take Care Of Their Physical And Mental Health


Watching the news at any day will show you that millions of people suffer from various physical and mental health diseases. Kids and middle-aged folks have diabetes or cancer. Teenagers and adults deal with depression and anxiety that often lead to self-harming. Age no longer dictates who gets what illness.

Despite that, if there’s one faction that worries about acquiring diseases the least is the Amish. For one, they don’t follow fitness fads or crazy diets. They rarely need to get a doctor’s appointment as well.You can say that they are experts when it comes to taking care of their mind and body.

If you are wondering how that’s possible in this modern world, allow us to share the things they do right.


1. They Work Hard

The Amish people have a long history of working in the fields, dairy farming, doing carpentry, and woodworking. The existing generations continue to do the same and more; that’s why they always get to move and use their body. This fact helps them to develop a robust immune system, which is quite impossible for other people who have desk jobs.

2. They Veto Electricity And Gadgets

Going to an Amish community tends to make you think as if you had journeyed to the past when technology and electricity were still ideas in some inventors’ heads. You won’t see kids on their phones or hear them talking about the latest game consoles. There are no telephone or electric posts on the streets. It is also rare for cars to pass the highways since horse-drawn buggies are their preferred mode of transportation.

The reason is not that their location is too far for modernization to reach them. The Amish purposely chose not to rely on inventions and keep on living mundane lives. If we’re honest, this decision is smart because it means that they are never near radiation-emitting devices and don’t need to stress over high electricity bills every month.

3. They Eat All Things Organic

Since the Amish are excellent farmers, it is not surprising that they can produce the organic vegetables and meat that get served on their dining tables daily. It seems likely that they have never tried eating from fast food chains wherein the deep-friend and ultra-greasy foodstuff can give you more than one disease. Of course, it is apparent as well that they are not fans of chemical fertilizers or GMOs that pollute not only the environment but also the consumers’ bodies.

The result of this way of living is that the Amish are not prone to illnesses caused by the foods we eat.

4. They Do Not Get Vaccinations

If this religious sect still wants to use gas to power their lightbulbs and run several appliances at home instead of accepting electricity, there’s no chance that they will let doctors vaccinate them. Perhaps the decision is due to the absence of this process in the past. Maybe it is because they know of the number of children who developed disabilities since receiving the vaccinations that are supposed to immunize them. Either way, they are not the type to jeopardize their physical and mental health and believe everything that the government says is good for the people.

5. They Follow Zero Beauty Standards

One of the toys that Amish kids get is a faceless doll. It does not have eyes, nose, or even mouth. It also wears the typical clothes seen in the community.

The logic behind it is that they do not want the children to think that they need to have specific features to look beautiful. That works, frankly speaking, since the Amish do not have weird eating disorders or get bullied due to their looks.


If you want to take care of your physical and mental health too, you should try to live like the Amish now.


What Can Happen When An Amish Teen Participates In Rumspringa?


When you think about Rumspringa, it is easy to believe that the Amish folks are the most relaxed parents in the world. This tradition, after all, allows teenagers to exercise their freedom to do anything at 16 years old. Whatever the adolescent wants to try at this point, their mom and dad are not supposed to say whether it’s right or wrong.

To help you fathom the custom better, here are a few things that genuinely happen when an Amish teen participates in Rumspringa.

Non-Stop Partying

The most common activity that teenagers do not mind trying is going to parties. They can organize special events like that in the community, considering the adults’ opinions are irrelevant at the moment. Assuming that it does not suffice, they can go to neighboring towns to see where they can have fun. No one will reprimand them even if they party 24/7 as long as Rumspringa is still on.


The Amish teens tend to love alcoholic beverages too. Their favorite drink is beer, and various researchers have attested to that. They can chug bottles of it every day, males and females alike. It is one of the modern vices that these kids get to enjoy during Rumspringa. Sometimes they may throw in a bit of rum and vodka as alternatives, but they always go back to drinking beer at the end of the day.


Like the youngsters on a summer or spring break, the teenagers in the Amish communities may also become interested in visiting different states and seeing how people live there. They usually travel in groups to the big cities and are not required to let their parents know wherever they may be.

Trying Fashion

Another freedom that Amish teens can exercise is ditching the dress code that everyone in the community needs to wear. The girls can be in shorts or sleeveless tops if they want to; they can put on makeup and let their hair down as well. The boys are free to dress like Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, or the fashion models in the runway for a while.


As you know, the Amish children get pulled out of school early. That seems to be okay for a few youngsters who do not enjoy studying and prefer to hold a job. For teens who love to learn, on the other hand, they see Rumspringa as an opportunity to further their studies and be able to do more than taking care of animals, cooking, sewing, or tending to the fields.

Working Outside The Community

Some kids who want to experience life out of their community opt to get a part-time job in the city so that they can fund their stay there. The ideal scenario is that they will only be there until Rumspringa is over. Other teenagers, however, fall for that lifestyle and want to continue working with non-Amish folks instead of going back.

Using Technology

Of course, this phase won’t be complete without trying one of the things that’s practically a sin in most communities: using technology. If you see an Amish teen glued to a smartphone, he or she is of age for Rumspringa. Having a social media account or chatting with anyone over the internet is permitted during this time too.


In The End

Once the Rumspringa period is over, all the Amish teenagers have to reflect on what they learned from the experience. If they realize that they want to stay in the community and do what their forefathers used to do, these youngsters get baptized into the religion. In case they have fallen in love with the outside world, the teens need to pack their bags and build a life in the outside world.

Nevertheless, whichever path the teenagers choose to take, the Amish parents respect their decision.

6 Major Amish Rules That May Be Hard To Believe But Are Real


 The Amish community remains mysterious for many individuals across the globe. Everyone knows so far that they have to follow a strict dress code and avoid any trend that invades other people’s senses. It is also apparent that motorized vehicles are hard to find in most communities. Usually, they travel in horse-drawn carriages pretty much like in the olden days.

Nonetheless, it will help to understand that the Amish have a few rules that may be hard to accept but are 100% real.

Using Technology Might Result To Excommunication

We have spoken about the lack of belief of some Amish communities in the benefits of using technology in the previous articles. What has never been mentioned, however, is the severity of the punishment that the person who violates that idea may get.

In truth, if you live in a community where you can’t use technology at all, you may receive a warning against it. Once you pay no mind to that, the people may excommunicate and ban you from living with the Amish.


Availing Social Security Isn’t A Thing

The thought of the Amish folks having to obtain Social Security became a massive issue in the past. The US government wants them to do it – especially the workers. Despite that, it is against what the mutual aid policy that the religious individuals believe in, so they later came up with the agreement that self-employed folks need not get Social Security.

For the sake of the employees, meanwhile, the business owners in the Amish communities tend to offer partnership. This way, the others can become exempt from the law as well.

Taking In “English” Folks Rarely Happens

Although the Amish people in the United States are technically American citizens, they still distinguish everyone outside of the religion as English folks. Because the latter doesn’t follow the same rules, the former are not supposed to speak with any non-Amish person.

The primary reason is that the English accept technology, electricity, and other things that the Amish don’t agree with freely. By hanging out with outsiders, they fear that they will get tempted to consider accepting such advancements, which are against the code.

Bundling Beds Used To Or May Still Be Practiced

Courtships among teens in the Amish communities take place in a way that’s entirely different from what most people are used to. Instead of chaperoning them during dates or going to restaurants, the parents allow the potential lovebirds to sleep in beds bundled together.

There should ideally be no sexual activity to occur in this phase – the adults merely want them to know each other in a more intimate sense. If a baby comes out of the practice, though, the young mother has to face the townspeople to confess what she did before they let the couple tie the knot.


Getting Married Early Is Common

Even without bundling, to be honest, the Amish teens tend to end up getting hitched before hitting their 20s. It is a tradition for them to participate in Rumspringa, after all, and have the freedom to explore their faith. In case a teenager decides to lead a different life once Rumspringa is over, he or she can leave the community. If the teen wants to stay, he or she may either receive baptism or get married right after.

Having Health Insurance Is A No-No

Since Social Security is against the beliefs of the Amish, you can expect them to veto medical insurance policies as well. In their eyes, getting one signifies that they don’t believe in God’s will.

Considering someone in the family becomes ill, therefore, the members will use their savings to provide treatment for him or her. The other families in the community don’t mind offering financial aid either, primarily if that entails that no one has to rely on health insurance to get better.

Hopefully, this blog gave you more insight into what life’s like for the Amish. Happy reading!


8 Traditions You Might Only See In The Amish Community


Have you been in a community where people’s beliefs are so different from yours, and you wonder if you are still in the United States?

Culture shock is quite common for folks who lived in a tiny town for decades before moving to New York or Los Angeles. The significant number of people on the streets may be overwhelming for them. The endless traffic jams that they experience in the metro can traumatize them too. Furthermore, the trend of trying diets and fitness routines that are out of this world is perhaps hard to swallow for anyone who has not seen any of that back home.

Nonetheless, do you know what can be more surprising than being in a gigantic city?

It may be going to the Amish community with zero knowledge about their own culture. So, if you don’t want to look like a tourist, learn about the eight traditions that you might only see there.


1. They Say No To Modernity

While Amish communities are distinct, it is common for families to pay no mind to electricity. Some make use of gas to power lamps and lights. Others may utilize woods or coals to cook their food.

In addition to that, there are no cell sites near their location because they don’t believe in gadgets. A few creative members of the sect may have found a loophole in the rule and created their version of a laptop, but you still won’t meet an iOS or Android user there.

2. They Let Loose The Kids At 16

In the Amish community, everyone gives 16-year-olds the green light to experiment and be free. Nobody will raise an eyebrow if the teenager suddenly wears accessories and see-through clothes. The family won’t get shunned either, considering their child starts smoking, having sex, or even getting high on drugs.

Although it is ideal for the teenage kid to stick to the old ways, they want him or her to figure out if the Amish life is still what he or she wants to follow in the future.

3. No One Commits A Violence

This religious sect does not consist of violent people. They do not fight against each other; they stay away from deadly weapons. More importantly, you may not be a single Amish person in the armed forces since becoming a soldier necessitates the use of guns and going to wars.

4. Children Can Only Play With Faceless Dolls

The Amish are quite strict with the toys that the female kids in the region play with as well. Instead of letting Barbies and American Girl dolls into their midst, they give them plush figures in Amish clothing and with no facial features. Their objective in doing so is to keep children from developing beauty standards in their young minds.

5. Diplomas Have No Value To Them

The Amish parents are not the type of people to say, “Study well and get your college degree, son. That’s the only way for you to get a stable job.” In reality, they even stop the kids from moving past Grade 8 because they already know a bit of math and science and can speak English – not their first language – at that point. Then, they expect these children to learn how to be great farmers and woodworkers like everyone.

6. The Childbirth Process Is Unconventional

Most Amish mothers give birth at home, wearing their special uniform for the occasion. Even if they have no choice but to deliver their newborn at the hospital, they take no epidural and hold in their pain and screams.

7.  Riding A Buggy Is A Must

When you go to the Amish community, it may be like going back to the past when horses pulled buggies. It remains as their favored mode of transportation, and practically every family owns one. It is only in cases of emergency that these folks will consider riding a car.

8.  They Don’t Have A Communal Church

As mentioned above, the Amish is a religious sect. That does not entail, however, that they have a church where everyone should pour in on specific days and worship God together. Often, the family members go to various parts of the house and wait for the pastor to come to them.


Will you visit the Amish community someday?